Tangent Club International

A Tangent is a geometric shape – a straight line tangent to the circle – the figure is the symbol for our purposes which are:

To promote and strengthen international friendships established through Ladies Circle International
To promote, encourage and support new international friendships between Tangent Clubs worldwide
To reasonably assist LCI wherever and whenever called upon
To work side-by-side with Club 41 International
To be non-political and non-sectarian

Tangent Club International is an international umbrella association of Tangent Clubs worldwide.

The Inauguration of Tangent Club International took place on the 26th of October 2013.

The Charter of Tangent Club International will take place on the 3rd of May 2014 founder members to be Tangent Denmark, Tangent Norway and Tangent Sweden.

And subject to the approval of the Tangent Great Britain NAGM in April 2014 Tangent Great Britain.

Tangent is the natural continuation of Ladies Circle – and like Ladies Circle, Tangent Club comes from Great Britain.

In Tangent Club International, we wish to pursue the best from Ladies Circle International – friendship, unity and the LC-spirit. We do not have quite so many duties – but we still like to engage us in what happens around us in our International World. We want freedom to shape the Countries and Clubs as we please and we want the possibility, that all Member Countries and Clubs can have the content they want.

In Tangent Club International we are not just a club of ”old ladies” no, we have a whole new generation of members that flows directly from Ladies Circle. We are Ladies Circlers, who simply dropped for the age limit in Ladies Circle. It’s good – with the age limit – Ladies Circle is a great organization for young women – Tangent a natural extension – so the network can be maintained and does not disappear, when we reach the magic age of 45.

The affairs of the Association are administered by the TCI Board and the TCI Council. The TCI Board is the administrative body consisting of National IROs of the Full Member Countries of TCI. The TCI Councillors are the representative of the Full Member Countries entitled to vote at the TCI AGM, usually the Immediate Past National President or the National President. The TCI Council is the members of the TCI Board and the TCI Councillors.